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    NSW AIPP Photographer of the Year 2014, NSW AIPP Portrait Photographer of the Year 2014, NSW AIPP Highest Scoring Print Award 2014, Finalist NSW AIPP Family Photographer 2013.

    I am a professional newborn, baby and family photographing serving Bathurst, Orange & Central West NSW. Enjoy my blogsite!

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Four { bathurst & orange newborn photographer }

Here I go again – updating my blog at snails pace, but it’s happening!

Meet this gorgeous little family of four from almost a year ago. Beautiful baby Harry would be almost one now! Loved meeting and photographing these guys, who travelled quite the distance to visit my studio. Most of the images are in black and white as these guys requested loads of them.  Jen x

HarryHarper 013_blogstomp2004HarryHarper 017_blogstomp2004HarryHarper 027_blogstomp2004HarryHarper 038_blogstomp2004HarryHarper 047_blogstomp2004HarryHarper 061_blogstomp2004HarryHarper 074_blogstomp2004HarryHarper 076_blogstomp2004HarryHarper 091_blogstomp2004HarryHarper 099_blogstomp2004HarryHarper 107_blogstomp2004HarryHarper 118_blogstomp2004HarryHarper 120_blogstomp2004HarryHarper 128_blogstomp2004

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Archie { Bathurst newborn photographer }

Yet another catch-up post of many! Meet gorgeous Archie – a sleepy, sweet and beautiful little guy who is well past the baby stage now! I should know as I photographed him a few short months ago for his ‘Pure Baby’ session.

Such a lucky boy to be born to such beautiful parents. Jen x

Gale 037_blogstomp2004Gale 077_blogstomp2004

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Julie - November 19, 2014 - 6:33 am

Love these Family & Baby shots Just Beautiful You are so so Talented

The Withers Family – [Bathurst & Orange Photographer]

So, in my quest to catch up on old sessions, I stumbled across these portraits of the Withers family.

I have photographed these guys about 40,000 times now, but rarely do I shoot their family in its entirety. This was a bit of a slashy sessions – half commercial, half family – as Kristy needed family shots for various media publications. Kristy is the woman behind Incy Interiors - the most amazing range of designer kids furniture (and their ‘Eden’ bed is named after my little Eden). And, if you’re a Bathurst local, and think Incy is just a store in town – you’d be mistaken. Incy actually designs and manufactures the furniture, and has hundreds of stockists/retailers all around Australia and NZ. Their furniture is constantly featured in home & kids magazines and blogs, and they have generated more interest and business in a few short years than some businesses manage to do in an entire lifetime.

I’ve been photographing Incy Interiors since the beginning, and although I’ve neglected to share any shots on my blog so far, there are THOUSANDS I tell you! TENS OF THOUSANDS of these bad boys sitting on my HDD. Incy has been a big part of my life for the last 3-4 years – from their humble beginnings where I would travel to Sydney and Melbourne for shoots, and then when they decided to base themselves out of Bathurst (Kristy grew up on a farm in the area). And now they have opened a store in Chatswood, and will just be operating their offices from Bathurst (as opposed to running a store here).

Now, if there’s one thing I have to say about this girl (there’s so much to be honest)… but I’ve never met anyone who works as hard. She is on it 24/7. But it certainly doesn’t mean she’s lacking in the ‘mum’ area, as she does an incredible job with her kiddies. She’s stylish. She’s hilarious. She’s SO easy going… like seriously.. SO easygoing… She’s smart. She’s friendly. She’s super positive all the time. Her house is always spotless (and looks like it’s out of a magazine). She’s generous and kind, and working with her has been one of the easiest things I’ve ever done! All the Incy Bathurst crew – you guys are bloody super.  Jen x


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Julie - November 19, 2014 - 6:36 am

I JUST LOVE THESE You are awesome, love the harmony between the Nature, The Light and the honesty of the love and character of each member of the family, and that light through the Trees Just Fantastic.

Harlow – [Bathurst & Orange Baby Photographer]

A few more older sessions…

Sweet little Harlow is a cute kid. An adorable kid. A happy kid. A sweet kid. She’s also a ‘Heart Kid’. So, the beads you see in this post are very significant to her family – reminding them of just how many tough times they have experienced in her short little life. I was going to link to her newborn photos, but I can’t locate them on my blog! I might have to go back into my files to find some and post below. Jen x


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Four from Five [Bathurst & Orange family photographer]

From long ago… again… Zoe and her beautiful kids came for a follow up session after their newborn which you can see HERE. These guys are pretty rad. So many similarities between our families with the older boys and baby girl. Jen x


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